3 Excellent Ways to Get People to Buy from YOU!

The sense of pride you get from people visiting your site is addictive, as the majority of business owners know. Something you did impacted people and encouraged them to visit your website! But while increased traffic makes you feel good, you shouldn’t rely on it too much. Sorry to put a downer on things… unless … Continue reading 3 Excellent Ways to Get People to Buy from YOU!

Social Media – Handy Checklist for Marketers!

Social media marketers LOVE checklists. They keep us organised, efficient, and on track. And who doesn't like a tick in the box?! Here's a fabulous social media checklist infographic from the guys at Sprout Social. Print it off and stick it next to your workspace to ensure you never lose a handle on your marketing … Continue reading Social Media – Handy Checklist for Marketers!

The Best Ways to Reach Your Customers on Holiday

Summer is here, the sun is out, and your customers are on holiday. So how can you reach them? Most people take their mobile devices on their summer breaks so ensure your content is mobile compatible. Emails are a great way to reach people on holiday as they can check them intermittently and at their … Continue reading The Best Ways to Reach Your Customers on Holiday

1000 of the Best Landing Pages… How to Be Better

Landing pages are critical. They're your potential customers' first impression, and the point of conversion where a lead becomes a sale. The report from Crayon is comprehensive and extremely useful, telling you everything you need to know about content, structure, and design trends.  

A Guide to Online Advertising For Small Businesses [Infographic]

With the masses of online businesses available to consumers nowadays, you'll need to advertise. Social media gives you a platform of ready and willing customers, you just have to find them and show them why they need you! This infographic from Marketing Fish is a great guide to doing so:

7 Step Checklist to a Successful Small Business Website

More often than not, your website will be the first time people see your business. Great visual design is a must-have, but there are a few other things you've got to get right to make an excellent first impression. Check out the infographic below, from Red Website Design for more information. Sharing is caring!

Content Strategy: 5 Tips to Avoid Ruining It

Globalisation and the development of information and communication technologies are continually changing the best way for businesses to approach consumers. Prospective buyers require companies to maintain their competitive advantage through the ability to adapt their marketing strategy to the demands and needs of consumers. In this context, there has been a gradual shift from mass … Continue reading Content Strategy: 5 Tips to Avoid Ruining It

How to Create an Effective Marketing Email

If уоu’rе аnуthіng lіkе mе your іnbоx іѕ сluttеrеd wіth рrоmоtіоnаl emails frоm dіffеrеnt retailers, рublіѕhеrѕ, аnd еvеrуthіng іn bеtwееn оffеrіng ‘50% оff thіѕ’ аnd umpteen lіmіtеd tіmе offеrѕ. Yоur eyes glаzе оvеr аnd more often than not, you hit delete. Marketers are often their own worst nightmares – not opening emails, not clicking through … Continue reading How to Create an Effective Marketing Email