5 Ways to Rock Amazing Headlines

Headlines are hard. Probably why they’re the most neglected part of an article. It’s the first line of copy that a potential customer reads – and we can do better! Luckily, there are a few tricks to help us all create better titles.


  1. Describe
    Adjectives are a big help – amazing, incredible, awesome. Describe your article whilst thinking “would I want to read this?” If the answer is no, start again.
  2. Persuade
    ‘Why’ and ‘how’ are excellent words to entice your reader in. WHY should they read this, and HOW can it help them?
  3. Shorten
    Headlines with around 6 – 8 words generally perform better than longer titles. Too wordy? People shut off, they don’t have time for that. Too short? The explanation or persuasion isn’t good enough.
  4. Illustrate
    Never publish without an image. I’m still surprised by how many tweets I see without an image. I’m not going to click that, come on… I need colours! Shapes! Emotion! Entice readers with your images.
  5. Punctuate
    Content Marketing Institute claim that !!! received almost twice as many clicks as other punctuation marks. Question marks work well too, generating the most click-throughs.

To make our jobs even easier, the lovely people at CoSchedule have developed a Headline Analyser. A score out of 100 gives you a clear indication of how good it is.




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