Make People Fall in Love with Your Brand

This time of year has everybody all emotional and feeling great – tap into that with your brand and content! Emotive writing has proven to be some of the best out there, but here are 6 tips to help make people fall in love with your brand:

Images are essential to content – entice readers with a great photo and make them want to read on.

It’s easy to create your own images with PicMonkeyBeFunkyCanva, and Pagemodo.

Your logo should be prominent and memorable, and you should include headshots of yourself and your team on your website where possible. Clients love to know who they’re dealing with.

Not necessarily the ‘like for like’ you may see on teenagers’ Facebook pages, but returning the liking and sharing favour occasionally will encourage people to comment and share in the future.

Everyone has some sort of sense of humour, so use it to connect with people. Make people smile, or even laugh, with your content to be remembered. Use these cheesy marketing jokes to get started!

Your social media updates should be personal and not robotic in the slightest. Don’t be afraid to show off your brand’s personality.


Surprise Gifts
Everyone likes a Valentine’s gift. InfographicseBooks, and even reports are all great for giving away to your readers. For example, a day doesn’t go by in our industry without emails from the big marketing resource companies giving away their latest report or help guide – and I remember them because of it.

Keep it Simple
Nobody likes complications in relationships, so when you’re growing one with your audience you need to keep it simple and make it easy for them to get the most from your content.

The University of Leicester has a fantastic guide to help you with writing skills and technique.

Eye Contact
Face-to-face networking is always brilliant for creating relationships with potential clients or business partners.

Aligning your face with your brand creates a way for clients to connect with you, feel comfortable talking to you, and puts a face to the name.

If you liked this article, share the love! What other tips do you have to make your brand and content successful?

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