Big Marketing Plans, Small Company Budget?

Every CEO is aware that their company needs to utilise marketing, and preferably have a documented strategy. But what if you’re a small fish in the business ocean? Don’t panic if you don’t have the £££ that major companies will spend on marketing this year – here are 3 tips that will help you rank on Google with the best of them.

With free platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr up and running, there’s no excuse for your company to be blogless. Creating content allow you to communicate directly with potential consumers, express your opinion, and establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field.

Frequent updates of new articles are essential for ranking on search engines and could eventually lead to an incredibly useful, likeable website without the use of paid services like Google AdWords.

Analytics software allows you to monitor what’s working and generating buzz, along with keeping track of your audience demographics, website traffic quantity and origin, as well as bounce rates.

With an estimated 48% of consumers beginning product research with a search engine, it’s vital that your content is getting you on the first page.


Video marketing
Although it seems an expensive option, video can be a cost-effective option. Renting equipment is cheaper than buying outright, and handy if you’re not creating a ton of video.

Student actors are a good source of talent rather than expensive professionals. Free work may build up their resumes and benefits both parties. Have a look on Upwork and University websites for personnel.

Free editing software is available to make your video creation job even more cost-effective: Macs have access to iMovie and Windows users can dabble with Movie Maker.

User-generated content 
Good reviews are an excellent way to raise your company’s profile, and they won’t cost you a penny. Invite customers to share their opinion of your services or products with an incentive such as 10% off their next order. Google and the government have recently cracked down on fake reviews, so make sure they’re genuine!

Nowadays almost everyone has a mobile phone in their hands, ready to snap the next piece of viral content. Photos and videos of people using (and enjoying) your product are invaluable. Potential buyers trust other customers’ opinions more than your sales content.  75% of YouTube users agreed ‘If there’s a brand I love, I tend to tell everybody about it’ in a study from Google.

Do you have any more marketing tips for small companies? Send them in! If you’d like further inspiration, these ideas are a good place to start.

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