7 No-Nonsense Reasons to Dive into Video Marketing

‘Live streaming’ strikes fear into the hearts of many, myself included! The last thing I would like to do is get in front of a camera. However, this article may just convince you to do just that.

Camera shy or social butterfly, as a business owner or marketing professional you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of live and pre-recorded streaming.

There are many advantages to using video in your day-to-day marketing strategy, for companies of any size. Do you want to have that ‘certain something’, or fall behind in today’s competitive, sales-orientated world? It’s worth investing some time and seeing how creative you can become.

Having a great online presence with regular, high-quality content nowadays is of paramount importance. People will notice you, find you on search engines quicker, and it’s also excellent for SEO purposes.

To top it off, video is considered as one of the biggest trends for 2017 in the marketing world.

“Sharing live video broadcasts can help you connect with your prospects and community in a whole new way, making your brand more real, more relatable and more accessible.”

– Kim Garst

Did you know that in its first year of operation, Periscope users (the live video feed owned by Twitter) watched an average of 110 years worth of content every day? Facebook users watch more than 100 million hours of video content a day.

Here are 7 reasons you need to join the masses.

  • Your engagement rates will increase

Interacting with your clients will be quicker and easier, as a live video feed enables you to react instantly to their questions and comments. Prospective customers could be converted to genuine leads if they love what they see – worth a shot, surely?

  • Your website traffic will increase

The more consumers watch your videos and love what they see, the further they’ll spread the word! People hate missing out. Watch your web hits grow as everyone flocks to see what the fuss is about…

  • Your company will be perceived as more trustworthy

Your videos will show that there are real people behind the brand. It’s all about building authenticity. This approach will help you to nurture growing trust, further increase your engagement with your audience, and illustrate your company’s openness and honesty. Whatever you put out there reflects on your brand so keep it positive, upbeat, and maybe even humorous.

  • You can create a buzz around the launch of new products

If you are planning to launch a new product or service, video live streaming is a great option. It’s potentially free advertising and will make your company look like the forward-thinking organisation it is.

Did you know Doritos used Periscope to promote their Roulette crisps? They did it by hosting a chance-based game show. Nissan is another example of video marketing – they streamed the launch of the Maxima model at 2016’s New York Auto Show.

  • You can increase the size of your audience

If your video content is accessible to a wider audience than your usual target group, you will increase the chances of converting those viewers into paid customers. You could even create a sense of urgency and offer a limited time offer to convert these new potentials even faster.

  • You will benefit from a better brand exposure

Giving your audience something more tangible than text and still photographs will show your company in a different light. It makes the entire buying process more participatory and interactive.

  • You can attract new hires

Last but not least, you can brand yourself as an innovative employer. Video can help you to attract great new talent for your future hiring needs.

So, we’ve convinced you that video is that next option for you and your company. But what should you create content about?

What about allowing your audience a glimpse into your business? Your goal should be to create an emotional connection with your viewers and approach them in a more personal way.

This can be achieved by putting a face to your brand and allowing your target group to connect with the promise behind your service/product on a deeper level. Once consumers engage with your brand and get to know it better, the trust will increase and consumers will not hesitate to come back in the future.

There are plenty of different approaches you can take for your video marketing strategy:

  1. Introduce your team members. Call it “meet our smart team” and publish it on several social media pages. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the best platforms to publish video content to
  2. Feature an interview with the CEO of your company on a specific topic. Don’t make it too formal or boring, nobody wants to see that
  3. Encourage and empower your team members from different departments to provide Q&As on various topics
  4. Show how your products are made and give your audience a ‘behind the scenes’ opportunity. This insight will feel like seeing exclusive and unique footage that is not accessible to everyone

There are many tools and applications available that you can use for video live streaming – Periscope is just one option. Why not giving it a try also with Facebook Live, Ustream, or Meerkat?

Generate conversations, have fun, enjoy the results!



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