5 Biggest Marketing Challenges

The internet has completely changed the world. It affects most aspects of our lives now, especially when it comes to business.

In today’s digital world, marketing is something consumers nor businesses can do without. For consumers it provides a quick, flexible way to purchase goods and services, and access to persuasive content. For businesses it provides a platform to become voices of authority, instant customer feedback, and a brilliant (relatively cost-effective) method of communicating with the masses.

However, to make successful in digital marketing you need to overcome certain challenges.

  1. Change

With the digital marketing industry continually adapting to consumer trends, your strategy must stay flexible and be able to alter course swiftly. New technology, social media sites, and content trends mean these changes can happen at any time. In short, if you’re still using marketing techniques from 2015, you’re behind!

  1. Overcrowding

Nowadays everybody and their dog is publishing content. Truly unique ideas are hard to come by, as the volume of content has rapidly increased.

If you can, don’t be afraid to try some brand new ideas to set you apart from competitors in your industry. Monitor their blogs, but don’t copy them. Be original, become a leader!

To be an individual in the digital marketing world today is priceless. Curation is good – sharing is caring, as they say, but don’t overdo it. The rule is said to be 7/3: seven articles shared, three of your own.


  1. Audience

In marketing it can be difficult to determine your exact target customer group.

With the number of internet users increasing by the day and their needs changing almost every second, targeting the right audience has become one of the biggest challenges for marketers. It’s best to find out how old your customers are and what their online habits are, then adjust your marketing strategy in accordance with those requirements.

Content marketing is an approach that aims to connect with customers through relevant content. The essence is still attracting customers, but not in an aggressive manner that is characterised in mass marketing and advertising, but using designed, quality content that is aimed at a specific target group. If that part of your strategy is well done, the customers will flock to you.

  1. Devices

The majority of your audience will use a mobile phone or tablet to view your website. The majority of 2017 web traffic is said to come from mobile devices.

Making your content easily accessible to mobile devices is no longer a choice – it’s essential for the success of your content. Research shows that the bounce rate can be as high as 85% when a page takes more than 10 seconds to load.

In our fast–paced world, anything less than an instantaneous page is unacceptableAMP articles are an excellent way to provide this for your audience.


  1. Budget

Securing an adequate budget is often a challenge faced by marketers these days, especially if they are working with small and medium-sized businesses. Luckily, there are many marketing tools that can help with the creation and implementation of a workable strategy.

If you have a limited budget, decide where to put your money. Will you benefit from content creation, promotion, search engine advertising, or a website re-haul?

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