Content Strategy: Big Brands Have Already Done the Hard Work!

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Geniuses learn from others’.

We all know the importance of content marketing to the success of a business. We may have researched the various important points in implementing such strategies, but do they always work out?

We’ve compiled a summary of what we consider to be the best content strategies from the biggest companies, and what you can learn from them. If you’ve got any more to add, feel free to let us know!


Rolex promotes an old brand, relying on being a classic timeless masterpiece.

The approach was to produce beautiful images for their products, which they could then distribute through social media. Always sleek and minimalist, they appeal to a certain lifestyle that complements their product.

Rolex always make sure that they give the same special attention and care to the content they distribute, as they do to their watches. Quality over quantity.

They were faced with the challenge of needing to market to a new technology-driven, modern audience – and they delivered. Their beautifully crafted images are elegant enough for the older generation whilst being sophisticated for the Generations Y and Z.

Knowing your audience is of paramount importance. Research your target customer thoroughly, invest time and resources into finding out what they expect, want, and need – and give it to them.



This world-renowned brand always have an exceptional media presence. Their Twitter account is a testament to this, full of timely, helpful responses.

They are respectful and accommodating, creating great customer relations. Although they’re a large company, they’ve managed to maintain their down-to-earth status.

As they’ve demonstrated, it can certainly be worthwhile to maintain a separate customer support account, rather than get your main brand account bogged down with customer related enquires. Save it for blog posts, the occasional advert, and plenty of video.


Coca Cola

The Share a Coke campaign was brilliant. The personalised bottles and cans resulted in people taking pictures of themselves with the drink, names displayed and plastered all over social media with relevant, searchable hashtags. Genius! Money from the purchased product, and free advertising. The campaign ran in over 70 countries and picked up 7 awards.

Content personalisation is imperative – people love to feel included and important. When they do, they’ll share your product.

Watch the video below to see exactly how they did it, and what it took to make that kind of success a reality.


GoPro’s content strategy is built around stunning visuals. Their website has a gallery of wonderful footage. The company’s Youtube channel is packed with exhilarating videos, some promotional and some user-generated, amassing 2.7 million subscribers and uploads with an incredible 45 million views.

When content is the end result of selling your product, you’re onto a good thing. GoPros give viewers an insight into unfamiliar scenarios, from sports to animal rescue. Audiences love to see situations they wouldn’t usually have access to, and are more likely to share unusual and engaging content as a result.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say – with 11.8 million followers on Instagram, GoPro are doing something right.



A content strategist should learn from both the successes and mistakes of other companies. Using the above examples, you can ensure that your brand becomes well known, liked, and resonates with customers.

Build your brand and keep your audience engaged with great content. To summarise:

  • create new content people want to share
  • produce engaging video content
  • personalise your customers’ experience
  • tell a story people can relate to
  • engage with your audience wherever possible, and do so quickly!


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