5 SEO Techniques All Start-ups Should Be Using

As a new business, having a strong online presence is essential to achieve success. Most of the important techniques necessary for this are SEO based. Having an effective strategy will make your website more visible and have a significant impact on the success of your business. Unfortunately, many start-ups do not fully understand how to develop an effective SEO strategy. Below are some techniques all start-ups should be using to rank higher on search engines.

Perfect page optimisation

One of the most important points is the on-page optimisation of your website. Many start-ups are quick to start an SEO campaign, that they end up neglecting the on-page optimisation of their website. Making your site user-friendly and accessible is important for search engines to determine the keywords they’ll use to rank your business website.

The following are the most important on-page factors to address for better search results:

  • Website URL
  • Header tags
  • Meta description
  • Quality content
  • Relevant keywords

Invest in link building

The link profile is crucial for the overall SEO of websites. The number of quality and relevant links pointing at your site are used as signals in SER algorithms, so investing in them will help increase your website SERP ranking.

Here’s a great guide to help you learn the fundamentals of link building.

Have a strong social media presence

With millions of users accessing social media each day, an active media presence is vital for your start-up. Using different social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post content, interact with followers, and handle client enquiries, will help build brand awareness and a decent following. You will earn enough link shares and brand mentions to increase your start-up search ranking – hopefully. This will also generate traffic to your website which is vital for any real chance at generating leads.

Post quality content

Every startup should have a blog on their website, which should be updated regularly with quality content. The content should contain relevant keywords targeted for search engines, BUT you must avoid keyword-stuffing at all costs, as this may flag your website and earn penalties from Google.

Bounce rate is also lowered when you have relevant, useful content available for your readers. Time spent on sites has been shown to play a crucial role in SER.

If you find the idea of writing great content overwhelming, don’t worry! There are plenty of companies you can outsource to. The more content-rich your site is, the more appealing it will be to search engines.

Invest in a responsive website

Basically, any website that is not search engine and user friendly with any will not rank very high. Investing in a responsive website which will retain the same content while adjusting the layout of the pages to accommodate different display size will not only improve SEO but also generate more users to your website. Mobile is the prime way people view websites these days; don’t stick to desktop layouts!

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