The Best Ways to Reach Your Customers on Holiday

Summer is here, the sun is out, and your customers are on holiday. So how can you reach them?

Most people take their mobile devices on their summer breaks so ensure your content is mobile compatible.

Emails are a great way to reach people on holiday as they can check them intermittently and at their convenience.

Timing is everything. Send newsletters and updates to your social media accounts at various time of day to catch and keep their attention.

Don’t get stuck in a rut or readers could get bored of the repetition and lose interest. Schedule posts for regular intervals but be sure not to overdo it. Excessive communication could result in them resenting your emails – they’re on holiday, after all.

Inject energy, fun and personality into your posts. Summer equals happy, healthy, positive people who are more likely to listen, engage and subsequently spend.

Keep content personalised, casual, relevant and genuinely useful. It’s estimated that 80%* of people will take a summer holiday this year, so write about what will appeal to them. What’s going to make their life easier? What will benefit them on holiday?

For those with products that aren’t relevant to summertime, try to make the connection somehow. For example, laptops don’t scream ‘summer’ but people will be working outside and enjoying the sunshine while they can, meaning a laptop would make a useful addition to someone’s life.

Hair care company Kerastase are producing pages of content on products to do with protecting hair from chlorine and UV rays, which are clearly very applicable for the coming summer months. Gyms will also regularly push their memberships as people begin to think about sporting swimwear.

Engage readers by making your content relevant to current events. What opportunities are happening in your local area? Show you’re interested and raise awareness by blogging about the events you’re attending. Take advantage of every forward–thinking marketing opportunity and you can’t fail.

Use your users – get customers to share how they’re using your brand on their holiday and encourage others to do the same. People enjoy seeing unstaged images and reviews as it gives them a better insight into how your products work for real people.

Find natural ways to bring summer into the marketing equation and the conversation will follow. Your customers are having fun; you should be too!

Above all, don’t drop the ball this summer; make a content plan and keep your strategy working for you. Use your time to reflect on what you’ve achieved so far during the first half of the year – what could you do better during the next 6 months?

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