3 Excellent Ways to Get People to Buy from YOU!

The sense of pride you get from people visiting your site is addictive, as the majority of business owners know. Something you did impacted people and encouraged them to visit your website!

But while increased traffic makes you feel good, you shouldn’t rely on it too much. Sorry to put a downer on things… unless you exclusively earn money by displaying advertisements, getting more people to visit your site doesn’t necessarily mean your company is making more money.

You have to convert visitors to buyers, which is often difficult to do. There are a few design elements to take advantage of that will enable visitors to spend more money.

Interestingly, the average spending of a repeat customer is double that of a new one!

There are all sorts of ways to encourage people to spend on your website, but here are our top 3 methods to generate more revenue:

  • Have an excellent, up-to-date website sales area

It’s all good and well to have sales-spiel on every page, bold text about how much lower your prices are than the competitions’ and attractive product photos, but if you have nowhere for people to get a quote from you or (even better) make their purchase online, you’re missing out.

Customers like immediate action – they want a product or service, and they want it now. If they have to call or email you to buy, they’re far more likely to bounce off your site and head somewhere they can buy there and then.

If you’re providing quotations, aim to get back to people within the hour. Chances are they’ll still be hunting for services like yours within this time frame and replying this quickly could be the difference between them going with you or the competitor who replied faster.

  • Upsell, cross-sell, and upsell some more

The effectiveness of upselling can never be doubted… it works. It’s the reason coffee shops ask you “is that a large?” instead of reeling off all the cup sizes – you’re far more likely to simply answer “yes”.

Offering upgrades during checkout is a sure-fire way to get people to buy more, as well as ‘add-ons’ such as product insurance. Recommendations are also a great piece to feature here.

Although website designers and marketers have stopped using irritating pop-ups, they’re more acceptable if you’re telling people about a discount or offer you have on your site for a limited time only, for example. But if it’s from an outside source? Don’t do it.

  • Make sure your design is top-notch

Everybody has come across a cringe-worthy website whilst searching for a product or service.  You can’t help but think “HOW does anybody think that looks good?” and click back immediately. Amateur sites = untrustworthy sites.

Web design should be as simple as possible so visitors can clearly see what they’re looking at. Keep descriptions on point and, of course, content should be highly engaging, possibly even funny if your business allows.

Clutter isn’t enjoyable on a website, it makes potential customers uneasy.

We hope you found these tips useful. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to spend a small fortune on an entire new website – making smart tweaks to your existing site is always an efficient and affordable way to increase your online sales!



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