Relevance of Reach: What’s More Important?

Featuring: ASOS, Renault and P&G A question on a lot of people's mind on social media is "how do I get 1000 fans on Facebook?" My opinion - likes don't matter. And to be honest, I think unless you're selling niche products Facebook isn't your platform either. Create engaging content and follow the right strategy, … Continue reading Relevance of Reach: What’s More Important?

1000 of the Best Landing Pages… How to Be Better

Landing pages are critical. They're your potential customers' first impression, and the point of conversion where a lead becomes a sale. The report from Crayon is comprehensive and extremely useful, telling you everything you need to know about content, structure, and design trends.  

SEO Techniques to Boost Your Website Ranking

Having your website rank on the first page of Google is the dream of every entrepreneur. It leads to getting thousands of visitors daily, which can transcend into massive profits for your business. However, many site owners find it difficult to rank their website higher on SERP. The following SEO techniques will help your website rise to … Continue reading SEO Techniques to Boost Your Website Ranking

5 SEO Techniques All Start-ups Should Be Using

As a new business, having a strong online presence is essential to achieve success. Most of the important techniques necessary for this are SEO based. Having an effective strategy will make your website more visible and have a significant impact on the success of your business. Unfortunately, many start-ups do not fully understand how to develop … Continue reading 5 SEO Techniques All Start-ups Should Be Using

This Saturday!

We've been working on something exciting at Content Works! HQ... All the SEO help you need on one handy Twitter feed - ours! Join in with your questions, comments, and tips every Saturday midday - 4pm. Keep an eye out for articles from experts in the industry, top tips, and definitions of must-know SEO terms. … Continue reading This Saturday!

5 Ways to Rock Amazing Headlines

Headlines are hard. Probably why they're the most neglected part of an article. It's the first line of copy that a potential customer reads - and we can do better! Luckily, there are a few tricks to help us all create better titles. Describe Adjectives are a big help - amazing, incredible, awesome. Describe your article whilst … Continue reading 5 Ways to Rock Amazing Headlines